What Should You Do to Maintain Your Garage Door?

July 24, 2019

Modern garage doors promote easy access to your garage without the need to manually lift the door. To keep garage doors opening and closing safely, effectively and efficiently, it’s important to keep up on garage door maintenance in Denver, CO. For the best long-term garage door performance, there are several tips that you should put into practice. By following this advice, you can considerably improve the effectiveness of your garage door and extend its longevity:

Inspect your door

before you can perform any maintenance tasks on your garage door, you need to start with an inspection. Inspect your garage door regularly to look for signs of wear, tear and damage and identify any problems that require repair. You should also pay attention to the operation of your garage door whenever you use it and listen for odd noises or strange movements that might indicate problems.

Clear away debris and obstructions

It’s normal for some debris to get caught up in your garage door tracks, so take the time to clear away these obstructions periodically. Keeping your garage door tracks clean will prevent mechanical complications and help keep your garage door running effectively.

Replace rollers

When you inspect your garage door, make sure to take a close look at the rollers. If you see any cracks or excessive wear, you should replace them immediately. You may be able to handle roller replacement on your own by removing the roller brackets, but you should keep in mind that the bottom roller brackets are under a significant amount of tension because they are connected to your garage door cables. Removing these brackets can be dangerous on your own, and it’s best to call a professional to handle this job.

Check hardware

Over time, it’s normal for the hardware in your garage door to loosen with consistent wear. You can keep your garage door working effectively by periodically tightening this hardware using a socket wrench. Tighten up the brackets that secure your garage door tracks and the brackets around your garage door opener unit.

Lubricate parts

Another important aspect of garage door maintenance in Denver, CO is part lubrication. You should regularly lubricate your garage door mechanisms to promote effective operation and minimize friction, wear and tear.

Check electrical functioning

Test out your garage door opener to see how responsive it is when you hit the buttons to open or close it. If your garage door opener doesn’t respond right away or you have to hit the button several times before it works, it’s a sign that your remote battery is running low or there’s an issue with your receiver.

Schedule garage door maintenance in Denver, CO

For more professional tips for garage door maintenance in Denver, CO, reach out to Sky Castle Garage Doors. We are proud to be a family owned and operated business with years of experience serving customers in the community with comprehensive garage door services. If you need help with garage door maintenance, repairs, sales or installation, we are the team to call. Get started with a free consultation and quote for your specific project by giving us a call today.

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