Strategies for Fixing a Noisy Garage Door

September 6, 2019

Have you been noticing some new, unusual noises coming from your garage door while it’s rolling up or down? Typically, these noises are caused by issues with rollers, hardware or other parts that are in need of lubrication. Fortunately, these problems tend to be easy fixes.

Here’s some information about methods you can use—short of investing in new garage door roller installation in Denver, CO—to fix a garage door that’s making too much noise when it’s in use:

  • Tighten everything up: Check all the nuts and bolts along the track for your garage door, and look for any parts that may have worn down over time with repeated use, replacing them as needed. After you’ve tightened everything up, spray down the moving components with a special garage door lubricant so you can make sure they operate as smoothly as possible.
  • Check the rollers: It’s not uncommon for the garage door rollers to get worn out over time, considering how frequently they’re used to lift and lower the garage door. If you see that they’re worn down, you should replace the roller. Unbutton the hinge and tilt the roller away from the garage door track, allowing you to then swap out the rollers and reinstall the hinge. Test the door then to make sure that it’s working properly.
  • Check the hinges: The hinges themselves may also need to be replaced, depending on the state they’re in. Take a look at the number that’s been stamped into the hinge. This will indicate the kind of hinge you need to get when you’re looking for a replacement part. You could also take the old hinge with you to make sure that it matches any replacement you purchase.
  • Lubricate everything that moves: We already mentioned that you should lubricate items after you tighten them up along the garage door track. But really, you should lubricate everything that moves. This includes the roller shafts, hinges and more. Wipe off any excess lubricant. With the torsion springs, place a piece of cardboard behind them and spray them with a special garage door spring lubricant, removing the cardboard when done. Once the lubricant dries, it forms a non-tacky grease that will avoid attracting dust and dirt, which would otherwise likely gum up the works once again. Make sure you use lubricants that are specifically designed for garage doors.
  • Grease the track: Use a thick glob of grease and wipe it along the garage door track. You’ll want to wear a glove for this—it’s not particularly pleasant to grab and wipe grease with a bare hand. To spread the grease out evenly along the track and onto the trolley, you can operate the opener a few different times, and it will push the grease to the places that need it the most.

For more information about how sufficient lubrication and new garage door roller installation in Denver, CO can help reduce noise levels, contact the team at Sky Castle Garage Doors today. We look forward to working with you soon.

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