Can I Replace the Spring on My Garage Door Myself?

October 22, 2019

For novice homeowners in Colorado, a busted garage door is a thing of pure terror. One moment, your door is functioning perfectly, while the next, you’re in dire need of garage door repair in Denver, CO. The worst part is, unless you’ve got specific experience with busted garage doors, most homeowners may not realize what’s wrong.

Spotting a broken garage door spring

Fortunately, pinpointing a broken garage door spring is simple. When you hit the button that opens your garage door, the engine will whir, but nothing will happen. Tug and struggle all you like, but that garage door isn’t going to open, either.

If you suspect your garage door spring is broken, just check the long metal bar that runs horizontally across the top of your garage door. You should see a spring that’s about 12 to 15 inches in length. If you see two springs, not one, your garage door spring is broken, and you need to replace it.

Should I replace my garage door on my own?

Though it might seem easy enough, replacing a garage door spring is not for the novice craftsman. Before you dive into the deep end of garage door repair in Denver, CO, be honest with yourself about your own mechanical abilities.

Picking the right spring

Before you can install your new garage door spring, you’ll have to choose the right spring. There are two major types: torsion springs and extension springs. Both look like (you guessed it) typical springs.

You’ll need a specialized tool

When you’re winding your new garage door spring, it might be tempting to use a screwdriver to get the job done. That’s a mistake. If you’re not using a specialty tool—called a winding bar—you could end up losing a finger.

You have to use math

When you’re tightening your garage door spring, you’ll have to use a specific formula to determine the exact amount of tension. Over-winding can crush the torsion tube underneath, and leaving the spring too loose can ruin your garage door opener.

Do you have heavy-duty vice grips?

Assuming you want to replace your garage door while the door is up, you’ll need some vice grips to keep the door in place. Otherwise, it could fall, causing damage to the door or, worse yet, injuring you.

High-quality garage door repair in Denver, CO

There’s absolutely no need to put yourself through the hassle of replacing a garage door spring yourself. Call on Sky Castle Garage Doors, where our highly-trained team of technicians can have your spring replaced and tuned in no time.

When you need the highest level of garage door repair in Denver, CO, you can’t do better than us. One call to our team, and we’ll have a technician out and ready to work. Not only will we bring the materials you’ll need, saving you an expensive and possibly confusing trip to the hardware store. Then, our expert craftsmen will use their know-how to handle every aspect of your repair with minimal hassle.

The next time you need a new garage door spring, don’t suffer through a DIY fiasco. Call the pros at Sky Castle Garage Doors. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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