Seven Tips to Get Your Garage Door Ready for Winter

November 4, 2019

Performing preventative maintenance is the easiest way to avoid costly garage door repair in Denver, CO. While some tasks are best left to the professionals, there’s a lot of maintenance tasks that homeowners can do themselves, including washing the door and checking visible components for wear or damage.

Garage door winterization falls into the important wintertime home maintenance category. This is necessary for both attached and detached garages. It may still be fall, but now is a good time to prepare your garage for the cold winter months. Preparing your garage for winter can ensure a warmer garage environment and a warmer and more comfortable home interior. A warm garage in winter also protects stored items and plumbing pipes in the garage from serious damage. Below are seven tips to help you get your garage door ready for the wintertime:

  • Observe: It’s a good idea to observe your garage door’s sounds and movements every time you use it. It should always open and close slowly and smoothly, rather than being fast and jerky. Grinding or scraping noises are not normal. Also watch the opener system (cables, springs and pulleys) to make sure everything looks symmetrical.
  • Test the garage door: An off-balance garage door will have to work harder than it should need to. This will shorten its lifespan. To test the balance, disconnect the opener by pulling the release cord, then manually move the door to about the halfway point. If the door doesn’t stay in this position, the springs are improperly balanced. Call a professional for an adjustment or garage door repair in Denver, CO.
  • Lubricate moving parts: Well-lubricated garage door parts nearly guarantee smooth system operation. Before winter arrives, spray moving metal parts with an approved lubricant. Be sure to coat the overhead springs and all other moving parts.
  • Tighten hardware: Your garage door probably moves up and down more than a thousand times a year. Between all that movement and vibration, hardware can loosen. Carefully inspect and tighten the roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench.
  • Clean the tracks: Check to make sure the door tracks on both sides of the garage are clear of debris buildup. Remove debris with a shop vac, or put on some gloves and do the job manually. Use a clean cloth to wipe dust off the outside of the tracks.
  • Replace weather stripping: You might need to fix or replace the weather stripping on the bottom of the door. Brittle, cracked or missing seals should be replaced immediately to keep the winter weather from getting inside. If you aren’t sure which style of rubber weather stripping to get, call a local garage door company for guidance or service.
  • Schedule an inspection: Once you clean your garage door and all system components, you should still consider scheduling a professional inspection. Before winter or summer is a good time for an annual checkup.

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