Understanding the “Brain” of Your Garage Door

November 27, 2019

There’s more to residential garage doors than what meets the eye. From the outside, you see a large door spanning a space wide enough for vehicles to enter. The side of the door on the inside and the mechanical parts look like simple features, but there is one vital piece to be found on every garage door system. Focus on the opener, which usually sits fixed to the ceiling of your garage. Inside is the circuit board: the “brain” of your garage door system. This is what makes the door open and close.

No automatic garage door installation in Denver, CO is complete without a circuit board. Below is some information to help you better understand this essential garage door component.

What a garage door circuit board does

Inside the circuit board is a radio frequency receiver that picks up the frequency sent out by your garage remote control. A working circuit board is necessary in order for your clicker to fully open or close the door automatically. You can click the open or close button all you want, but nothing will happen if the circuit board is totally broken. As for a partially damaged circuit board, the door may or may not open or close halfway before stopping. The fact of the matter is that your garage door won’t be much good to you if the brain of your garage door installation isn’t fully functional.

How to deal with a broken circuit board

Now that you know what the circuit board component does, you have a better sense of how your home’s garage door works and the possible problems that could be behind a system malfunction. Before assuming the circuit board is broken, rule out all the other reasons why your garage door might not be working correctly (or at all). The most common reason a door does not open or close is that the batteries in the clicker are dead. If it still isn’t working with new batteries, the issue is likely with a garage door component—such as the circuit board.

Since a number of things can cause a garage door to fail to open or close, you might consider hiring a specialist to come inspect the system. A professional can quickly identify the source of the problem and either repair or replace any broken components. Damaged circuit board replacement is best left to the experts, as they have the right skills, knowledge and tools for the job.

Ideally, you want to hear that the brain of your garage door system can be repaired, or that the issue is actually something else that’s less expensive, like that all you need is a new remote or to tighten an electrical connection. Replacing a circuit board isn’t cheap, but upgrading to a new one when necessary should save you from headaches later on.

For more information about the benefits of a circuit board upgrade or new garage door installation in Denver, CO, contact the team at Sky Castle Garage Doors. Call us today to discuss your options!

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