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Can I Replace the Spring on My Garage Door Myself?

October 22, 2019

For novice homeowners in Colorado, a busted garage door is a thing of pure terror. One moment, your door is functioning perfectly, while the next, you’re in dire need of garage door repair in Denver, CO. The worst part is, unless you’ve got specific experience with busted garage doors, most homeowners may not realize what’s wrong. Spotting a broken garage door spring Fortunately, pinpointing a broken garage door spring is simple. When you hit the button that opens your garage door, the engine will whir, but nothing will happen. Tug and struggle all you like, but that garage door isn’t... View Article

How a New Garage Door Can Increase Your Home’s Overall ROI

October 21, 2019

As a homeowner, you are no stranger to making repairs around your property. It all started with a little paint here and some new weather stripping there, but now that you’ve lived in your house for at least a few years, it’s becoming clearer each day that it’s near time to replace some of the bigger, more expensive features of your home. Cost aside, keep in mind that doing home improvements of any size can add value to your property, but some home improvement projects offer a greater bang for your buck than others. Consider garage door replacement, for example.... View Article

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover My Garage Door Repairs?

October 8, 2019

For a considerable portion of American families, the garage door serves as one of the primary entrances to their house. Whether you’re pulling your car into the garage or you’re taking the dog out through the garage for your daily walk, homeowners depend on a fully-functional garage door to make the most of their home. In the Denver area, where snowy winters and hot summers necessitate a functioning space for the family car, a garage door is critical. So, what to do when you suddenly need garage door maintenance or garage door installation in Denver, CO? When you’re a homeowner... View Article

Strategies for Fixing a Noisy Garage Door

September 6, 2019

Have you been noticing some new, unusual noises coming from your garage door while it’s rolling up or down? Typically, these noises are caused by issues with rollers, hardware or other parts that are in need of lubrication. Fortunately, these problems tend to be easy fixes. Here’s some information about methods you can use—short of investing in new garage door roller installation in Denver, CO—to fix a garage door that’s making too much noise when it’s in use: Tighten everything up: Check all the nuts and bolts along the track for your garage door, and look for any parts that... View Article

Tips for Making a Man Cave in Your Garage

August 23, 2019

The classic man cave is usually found in a basement, but if you don’t have a basement or simply don’t have any usable space to work with down there, you might consider creating a man cave in your garage instead. Of course, whether or not you can do this really depends on how you use your garage. If you need it for vehicle and item storage, then this might not be a DIY job for you. However, if you’ve got space to spare, there are plenty of ways you can create a truly unique, awesome spot to hang out and... View Article

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