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Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

January 23, 2020

Just like most aspects of your home, your garage door needs some seasonal maintenance in Denver, CO to ensure it’s fully functional and doesn’t require any repairs. This post from your local garage door experts will cover what that yearly maintenance looks like: Watch and listen to the door: Stand in your garage and open your garage door. If anything looks or sounds abnormal, pick up the phone and call a pro to check it out. The longer you wait to have your door fixed, the more costly the repairs will be. Clear the tracks: Leaves, dust and other debris... View Article

Update Your Garage Door in the New Year!

January 4, 2020

With the new year, people across the country are pledging to make better decisions in their lives. They’re going to start working out, stop smoking or start eating healthier. Most of these resolutions will unfortunately fall by the wayside in the coming months. However, one easy-to-keep resolution is to update your garage door! Keep reading to learn a few of the most common updates, and the advantages of garage door repair in Denver, CO: Repair or replace panels: Garage door panels tend to get bent inward, dented or otherwise damaged throughout their lifespan. On top of looking bad, a compromised... View Article

Common Winter Damage to Garage Doors

December 11, 2019

As a homeowner, you are well aware of the importance of preparing your home for seasonal weather changes. This includes getting your garage door ready to take on winter weather conditions. While you shouldn’t put off garage door repair in Denver, CO, identifying an issue is the first step. Below are the most common types of garage door problems and damage that homeowners report during winter: Broken door springs: Garage door springs in good condition coil up tight when the door is open and extend without difficulty when closed. It’s when a spring seems to strain that concern is warranted.... View Article

Seven Tips to Get Your Garage Door Ready for Winter

November 4, 2019

Performing preventative maintenance is the easiest way to avoid costly garage door repair in Denver, CO. While some tasks are best left to the professionals, there’s a lot of maintenance tasks that homeowners can do themselves, including washing the door and checking visible components for wear or damage. Garage door winterization falls into the important wintertime home maintenance category. This is necessary for both attached and detached garages. It may still be fall, but now is a good time to prepare your garage for the cold winter months. Preparing your garage for winter can ensure a warmer garage environment and... View Article

Can I Replace the Spring on My Garage Door Myself?

October 22, 2019

For novice homeowners in Colorado, a busted garage door is a thing of pure terror. One moment, your door is functioning perfectly, while the next, you’re in dire need of garage door repair in Denver, CO. The worst part is, unless you’ve got specific experience with busted garage doors, most homeowners may not realize what’s wrong. Spotting a broken garage door spring Fortunately, pinpointing a broken garage door spring is simple. When you hit the button that opens your garage door, the engine will whir, but nothing will happen. Tug and struggle all you like, but that garage door isn’t... View Article

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