Garage Door Repair in Denver, CO

Garage Repair
Your garage door is one big mechanical installation, powered by many very important parts. If something goes wrong with the individual components, it’ll affect your whole door. When that time comes, call Sky Castle Garage Doors for total repair services. We’ll figure out what parts need repair or replacement. Then, we’ll fix them to ensure your door works flawlessly again in no time.

Want total peace of mind about your garage door?

We offer a routine maintenance program to keep your door in top condition! Ask us today about our affordable maintenance fees.

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Springs are the key to your door’s counterbalance system. Garage door spring repair in Denver, CO ensures your door raises and lowers smoothly. If your springs have snapped or lost their torsion, call us for replacements. We’ll have your door moving safely in no time.


Does your door rattle while in motion? Squeak and squeal as it goes up and down? We deliver garage door roller repair in Denver, CO to reduce the friction of your moving door and make sure it’s not suffering from excess wear.


The motor is central to your garage door’s function. We can repair and replace burnt-out motors, as well as individual parts contributing to the smooth operation of your door.


In addition to springs, we can repair other parts of your counterbalance system to ensure the full weight of your door is supported. If your counterbalance needs adjusting, give us a call for proper calibration.

Mechanical Repairs

We’re available for most mechanical repairs. Our experts are familiar with all brands and mechanical components powering your door. We work hard to identify problems and provide repairs that are effective, safe and cost-efficient.

For more information about individual repairs or an inspection of your faulty garage door, contact Sky Castle Garage Doors today at 720-380-6995.